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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Cheerleaders Finish 3rd in Championship

On Saturday December 2, the varsity cheerleaders competed in the NCHSAA Championship Invitational. After a season of cheering on the football and basketball teams, they were given the opportunity to do be center stage in front of their competition and judges at the Raleigh convention center. Their division included 9 teams and they finished in 3rd place.

HSOT Photos

More Photos from the Tournament

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Broughton Volleyball Awards Wrap-Up

Broughton Letter of Intent signing day. November 8, 2017.

The volleyball team celebrated signing day yesterday with five players putting pen to paper in the lobby of Holliday Gym:

Nan Parrish: 5-10 Outside Hitter, UT-Chattanooga
Claire Sawyer: 5-10 Setter, UNC-Wilmington
Holli Smith: 5-6 Defensive Specialist, Appalachian State
Alden Willis: 5-3 Defensive Specialist, Jacksonville
Grace Youngblood: 5-11 Outside Hitter, University of North Florida

A number of program and conference awards were announced on Monday night at the Fall Sports Awards Assembly:

Cap-7 Player of the Year: Jade Demps
All-Conference: Claire Sawyer, Brittany Wood
HM All-Conference: Nan Parrish, Holli Smith, Alden Willis

Team MVP: Jade Demps
4-Star Coach's Award: Holli Smith, Grace Youngblood

The Capitals (17-5) ended their season with a third-round 3-1 loss to eventual state champion Green Hope on October 24th. Broughton had a first-round bye before sweeping Hoggard in the second round.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Five Volleyball Seniors Sign College Letters of Intent

In the Holliday gym Hall of Fame on Wednesday, five seniors from the volleyball team signed Letters of Intent to continue playing volleyball in college. A supportive crowd of fellow teammates coaches and parents watched as the following players signed their letters.

Claire Sawyer - University of North Carolina Wilmington
Holli Smith - Appalachian State
Nan Parrish - University of Tennessee Chattanooga
Alden Willis - Jacksonville University
Grace Youngblood - University of North Florida


Monday, November 6, 2017

Caps Lose A Heartbreaker to #3 Heritage on Saturday

In a game where the #14 Caps gave # Heritage all they wanted and then a little bit more, Broughton could not overcome missing scoring chances and a strange free kick goal to lose 1-2 on Saturday night at Heritage in the Second Round of the NCHSAA 4A playoffs.

From the opening kickoff, Broughton showed that they had come to play and took the action right to the third seeded Huskies.  We had a good game plan, spearheaded by Senior Harrison Lee who drew the short straw to man mark 4A leading scorer Trevor Berk. Harrison did an exception job following Berk all over the field and making it difficult to find open space.

Unfortunately, Heritage got a goal against the run of play to make it 0-1 after 15 minutes. 

After that goal, the next 65 minutes were all Broughton. Junior John White had his best game as a Cap and terrorized the left side of the field continually getting the pass and beating his defender 1v1.  Junior Andrew Rossetti narrowly missed a header and both John and Andrew had shots saved or go just outside the post and we were 0-1 at half.

In the second half, Broughton got the equalizer that they deserved thanks to the hustle of Senior Ahmed Magoub who hustled to break up a ball near the top of the box and then had it spin back and follow him into the goal.  It was Ahmed's 10th goal of the season.

It was then Senior Cesar Gonzalez's turn, for the next 10 minutes, to run through the Heritage midfield and set up chances that the Caps couldn't capitalize on.   After Cesar, it was John White again who provided chances and - most importantly - kept the ball away from Heritage.

With 12 minutes left, it appeared that we were headed for overtime, but the strangest call ever gave Heritage an indirect free kick/goal inside the box.  Here's the best description I can provide:

  • A long ball was played towards our goal that was accidentally headed backwards by Broughton to a Heritage player - who was behind our defenders.  
  • The linesman on the right side called incorrectly called offsides (because if we play it backward then their person can be offsides and play the ball) and the ref blew the whistle after Clay had stopped a shot by the Heritage player.  
  • At that point, Heritage claimed foul and that it wasn't offsides (which was technically correct).
  • So, the ref consulted with the linesman and they awarded an indirect free kick for Heritage about 12 yards from our goal.  They said that this was the spot where Heritage received the back pass header.
  • The resulting free kick was always headed to the top corner and we were down 1-2.
  • Now, if the whistle blows in HS (or at least that is what I've been told by those smarter than me about these things) then the play is dead and at worst, if the ref wanted to change the bad call, then it should have been a drop ball OR we would have played the ball back to the Heritage GK.

Needless to say, it was deflating to have that happen but the Caps had over 10 minutes to correct the mistake and send the game to overtime.  Unfortunately, it just wasn't the Caps night as Erik Johnsen, Andrew, Cesar and John missed chances and we lost 1-2.

And while the above listed call definitely left us all scratching our heads, the Caps have only themselves to blame as they had ample chances to score and didn't finish.

A special shout out to: Ewan Reynolds, Lucas Beeson, Duncan Coffey, Ivey O'Brien and Jack Eubank for the defensive work Saturday night.  They held Heritage to 4 shots on goal - this coming from a team that was averaging 6+ goals a game.

Lastly, a thank you to Erik, Harrison, Franklin, Clay, Lex, Cesar, Stephen, Ahmed, Jack and Ewan for their commitment to the program over their time with us.

The Fall Banquet is Monday, November 6th and we'll have one more post with a recap of the season and awards.

Go Caps!!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Broughton Men's Soccer - Second Round Preview

The second round of the NCHSAA Playoffs is this Saturday, November 4th as the Broughton Capitals (seeded 14th) will travel to the Heritage Huskies (seeded 3rd) at 6P. 

Heritage went undefeated in the 4A Northern Conference and is led by the leading scorer in all of 4A - Trevor Berk. The Huskies only lost once this year - so it will be a tough test for the Caps.  It is a 30 minute drive up Capital Blvd to get to Heritage, so please come out and support the Caps!!

Here's the preview:

Co-Captains: Clay Oxford, Jack Ashby, Lucas Beeson

Key Players:
Jr. - Midfield - Andrew Rossetti (13G/12A) - 38 points (second in CAP-7)
Jr. - Forward - John White (9G/5A) - 23 points (sixth in CAP-7)
Jr. - Midfield - Lucas Beeson (9G/4A) - 22 points (seventh in CAP-7)
Sr. - Forward - Ahmed Magoub (9G/2A) - 20 points (tenth in CAP-7)
Sr. - Forward - Erik Johnsen (7G/4A) - 18 points
Sr. - Midfield - Cesar Gonzalez (6G/4A) - 16 points
Sr. - Jack Ashby, Ewan Reynolds - Midfield/Defender
Jr. - Ivey O'Brien/Duncan Coffey - Defender
Sr. - Clay Oxford - Goal Keeper

HERITAGE HUSKIES (22-1, 10-0):
Co-Captains: David Daria, Trevor Berk, Dylan Berk, James Simpson

Key Players:
Sr. - Forward - Trevor Berk (37G/24A) - leading scorer in 4A
Sr. - Forward - Jimmy Findlen (12G/14A)
Sr. - Midfield - Jonathan Carducci (10G/11A)
Jr. - Midfield - Jake Owczarak (7G/7A)
Jr. - Midfield - Dylan Berk (5G/4A)
Sr. - James Simpson, David Daria - Defender
So. - Joshua Bratager, Ashton Ferrante - Midfield, Goalkeeper

Common Opponents:

Wake Forest - BHS defeated once and Heritage defeated twice
Sanderson - BHS defeated twice and Heritage defeated once
Millbrook - BHS split and Heritage defeated twice
Middle Creek - BHS defeated once and Heritage defeated once
Athens Drive - BHS defeated once and Heritage defeated once
Wakefield - BHS defeated once and Heritage defeated three times
Cardinal Gibbons - BHS lost twice and Heritage lost once
Rolesville - BHS defeated twice and Heritage defeated twice

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Broughton Defeats Wake Forest 3-0 in First Round of the Playoffs

The first round of the 4A NCHSAA Playoffs went according to plan for #14 Broughton (13-7) as they used two first half goals and strong defensive play to beat #19 Wake Forest 3-0 and advance to the second round of the playoffs.

The Caps returned several injured starters and that helped us start out strong against the Cougars.  After some early pressure by John White, Senior Ahmed Magoub picked up where he left off before his injury and took a nice pass from Andrew Rossetti and skillfully beat the GK to make it 1-0.  Then, the Caps showed off their depth as Seniors Erik Johnsen and Harrison Lee came off the bench for the prettiest goal of the night as Harrison played a super ball in from the right side and Erik powerfully volleyed it home to put the Caps up 2-0 at halftime.

The second half started the same as the first and about mid-way into the half, Co-Captain Jack Ashby played a gorgeous free kick into the box that Junior Andrew Rossetti headed home for his 13th goal of the season, leaving him just 4 points off the Cap-7 scoring lead, and putting Broughton up 3-0. 

The remainder of the game was a chance for Coach Brannan to play the entire squad and when it was all finished - Co-Captain Clay Oxford recorded his 10th shutout for the Caps and we won 3-0.

By virtue of the W, the Caps progress to the next round of the playoffs against former Cap-8 rival and #3 seed Heritage.  The game will be played this Saturday, November 4th at 6p at Heritage.  It should be a beautiful night - so make the short trek up to see the boys try to pull the upset and advance to the third round.

Pictures from the game are here from Marc Ridel: LINK

Go Caps!!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Broughton Men's Soccer - First Round Playoff Preview

The first round of the NCHSAA Playoffs is this Wednesday, November 1st as the Broughton Capitals (seeded 14th) will host the Wake Forest Cougars (seeded 19th) at 6PM.

Please come out and support the Caps!!

Here's the preview:

Co-Captains: Clay Oxford, Jack Ashby, Lucas Beeson

Key Players:
Jr. - Midfield - Andrew Rossetti (12G/11A) - 35 points (second in CAP-7)
Jr. - Forward - John White (9G/5A) - 23 points (fifth in CAP-7)
Jr. - Midfield - Lucas Beeson (9G/4A) - 22 points (sixth in CAP-7)
Sr. - Forward - Ahmed Magoub (8G/2A) - 18 points
Sr. - Forward - Eric Johnsen & Sr. - Midfield - Cesar Gonzalez (6G/4A) - 16 points
Sr. - Jack Ashby - Defender/Midfield
Jr. - Ivey O'Brien/Duncan Coffey - Defender
Sr. - Clay Oxford - Goalkeeper

WAKE FOREST COUGARS (11-8-3, 5-6) 
Co-Captains: Johnny Autry, Dom Fronius, Edy Argueta

Key Players:
Sr. - Blake Brewer (11G/4A) - 26 points
Jr. - Ross Genetti (10G/5A) - 25 points
Sr. - Johnny Autry (6G/6A) - 18 points
Sr. - Chris Guccio (5G/7A) - 17 points
Sr. - Edy Argueta (5G/1A) - 11 points

Common Opponents:

Millbrook: BHS split and WF defeated once
Rolesville: BHS defeated twice and WF went 2-1
Wakefield: NHS defeated once and WF split